Thursday, October 30, 2008

Website- still working

Ok. So it was suggested that instead of making individual poetry pages on my site, I could just like them to archives in my blog. So poetry is going to be placed on my blog for linking.

Poem- Equal and Opposite

Sharp blade
Leashed behind an ivory cage
Pink thread to hold back
All sounds
From all ears

The soft caterpillars
Crawl slow
Deep trails
To the tender ribs
Unleashing laughter

Mirrors twitch
Then settling
On the screen

His words hit truth
With a open fist

His touch tastes
Every giggle from my sides

His sight scents
Troubles in my face

He stands on the scale
To keep me
On track.

Monday, October 27, 2008


My website layout is up.
I just need to do a good amount of scanning and put my art into the space holder graphics.
It should turn out nicely in the end.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Still working

I'm still working on my website, finalizing the layout and graphics. My biggest task to fit in sometime in the next couple of weeks is scanning my work to put up in my gallery pages.
There are plenty of sketchbook pieces to put up, not much in the way of design or full color pieces. I'm hoping by Christmas I'll have more to work with. I'm thinking of redesigning company mascots for a project for myself. The Petland safari mascot is the one I'm working on now. We'll see from there.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Biz Card and Splash page

This is my biz card. I added the big bad wolf as always. My info will be placed to the left, in the green space.

This is my splash page. Its the first page you'll go to when you type in my site address.


This was my secondary logo. He appears every so often.

My primary logo. I really enjoyed making this.

Starting Out- Branding

When first starting to brand myself, I found it extremely challenging. For weeks I had no ideas as to how to go about it. One day, while reading a comic series called Fables, a thought struck me. Fairy tales! I love fairy tales and myths, so I began to think over which story I enjoyed the most and which character I loved. I came to the conclusion that I enjoyed Little Red Riding Hood, but the character I loved best was the wolf. From there on out the Big Bad Wolf of the fairy tale world became my mascot, logo, and main graphic image. I'll be posting what I have so far of my branding and web design. Check out my site when I finally finish it: www.big
For now though, it is still in development. Enjoy.