Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Down at Hilton Head for vacation. Lots of things to do. Got sun burned the first time at the beach. Went to the pool a couple of times. Guess I'm a bit spoiled, from living in Florida for so long, not really into "beachy" activities. Its a nice environment to be in, reminds me of home, but I just don't get into that everyday. Dave is worried over a job and his sports teams. He's trying really hard to keep me entertained, but I don't need that, I can entertain myself. Its been really relaxing though, besides the occasional hissy-fits. As soon as I get back to Columbus, I need to meet up with Secret Lair Comics and discuss there plans. Then I need to work on my freelance. I really do need to create some finished works to add to my portfolio. Lots of things to do.

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